Daily Photos - 2008 - brianhart

September 9, 2008

Die, memory card.

Actually, it was dead before I drove the wood chisel into it. It died somewhere between me taking the last shot of the baseball tournament and me trying to get the images off.

The good news is, I recovered what I believe to be all but 7 or 8 of the images.

The bad news is, I lost 7 or 8 images.

Not exactly a good feeling, to say the least... The worst part is, I should have known better... This particular model card has (had?) a (known) problem when certain cameras tried to read the card before any previous writes were complete, it would render the card unreadable--Which I can say firsthand, is true. I should have thrown it away when it happened to this guy's twin brother last March. But, I decided to keep it around as a backup...just in case I filled everything else up. That was not one of my better decisions, I might add...

Yesterday's pic is on there, too; But, I'm not as distraught about that-

Now I just have to explain to everyone why I don't have pictures of the boys holding up their trophies... Any volunteers?